We are NEIMA ROW; an attainable jewelry collection made from demand, need of quality and inspired by vintage designs.  I have spent the last 10 years in the industry, surrounded by some of the most incredible brands in jewelry but have struggled to find real quality pieces that felt affordable. It’s always been a love of mine to invest into special pieces that reflected the quality, design and sentiment that reminded me of my grandparents' grand collection or those vintage treasures you rarely stumble across. If you know me, you know jewelry has always been a staple part of my outfit building, but what you don’t know is I have always struggled finding pieces that kept their promise when it came to tarnish free or felt others were unreasonably priced for the quality.
I’ve spent the last few years sourcing quality products that I could purchase and wear for myself -  pieces that didn’t have an unattainable price-point, that didn’t send you an endless list of do’s and don’t to keep the quality or didn’t fall to pieces after wear.
I set out to find pieces that had substance, ensuring the quality reflected the best 24k gold pieces, but had the price-point of 18k. After wearing my own designs for the past 2 years, I realized that it isn’t just me who has struggled to find quality jewelry, that lasts.
From this NEIMA ROW has become more than just my jewelry collection. So, welcome to NEIMA ROW - launching with 6 hand picked pieces of 18k gold, that truly reflects 24k - tarnish free, waterproof and inspired by the vintage classics. A collection with a deep, vintage, polished gold finish for a really special piece, that can be worn daily and treasured forever.  I hope you treasure and love them as much as I do.
 Love Naomi x